Make a Payment

laptop, cup of coffee and notepad on wooden tableAll Clients May Replenish Retainers Electronically with a Credit Card

For your convenience, we have created a portal through LawPay, which is a safe and secure credit card portal designed for lawyers, approved by the Washington State Bar Association, and made available to my clients so you can easily pay your retainer with a credit card from the comfort of your own home, office, or other location.

To pay invoices or bills for services rendered, please send payment as specified in your invoice or call our office.

laptop and person holding a credit cardPay Your Retainer

Click here to Replenish Your Retainer
This goes into a lawyer trust account. You will be taken to a secure LawPay website where you will be able to safely add to your retainer. All your information is secure and encrypted.

law pay logo with credit cards

stamp "paid" on paperPay Your Invoices

To pay your regular bill, please either call our office or send payment as specified in your invoice.