Client Reviews

Strong advocate, clear about risks and benefits

I worked with her through an administrative process that led to the courts. She was always very clear about the need to think through the cost/benefit analysis of each step. Although she often told me things I did not want to hear, in the end I needed to hear them and always allowed me to make a more informed decision. I worked with another attorney for about 5 months before hiring Dawn. What I most appreciated about Dawn was her appreciation that family law was not just legal issues. She refused to add fuel to what was already a burning fire of my case. In the end, she appreciated that I and my ex will remain co-parents for many years to come, and kept that in mind throughout the process. She was in the middle of transitioning firms during my case so it delayed the process a bit which was hard but in the end, I feel good about the process and result.


Fabulous trusted attorney

I have worked with Dawn close to 7 years on and off when I have needed her help. She is the most caring attorney I ever met. Her detective skills and determination are just 2 of her fabulous attributes. She is beyond fair with her fees and is always responsive. I trust her completely in her judgment making skills and I know she has no problem conferring with other attorneys to make sure she gives the best advice. Dawn has excellent writing skills and the ability to truly capture the events going on and portray them in a professional and passionate way to the courts. I highly recommend Dawn to be hired as your attorney and advocate!!


Amazing lawyer from beginning to end!!!!

My husband and I talked to many lawyers before Dawn and they all told us that our case wasn’t even a case and it was a waste of time. When we first met with Dawn we felt like she totally understood our situation and said she would help get custody if my husbands kids. (Which she did!!!) Dawn explained the whole process to us, She never left anything out she told us the good, the bad, and the ugly. She was always available when we had a question or a problem that arouse(which was all the time). I don’t know how we could have done any of it without her. She not only was an amazing lawyer to us she was a huge support threw out the whole process. I highly recommend her to anyone who needs a lawyer.


Dissolution Divorce

Dawn has great integrity. I was represented for close to two years and Dawn never lost traction and focus. Dawn was determined to get fair resolution for me.


Great Family Matter Attorney

I have worked with Dawn on 2 issues over the last 5 years. Both times she has proven herself to be a strong advocate for me, and a willing negotiator with my ex. Both were child support issues, and those negotiations weren’t easy ones. More important to me was her warm and natural demeanor, and genuine desire to see things addressed in a fair and legal way. I had an exceptionally litigious divorce, with many interactions with different attorneys, and I deal with lawyers professionally, as well. Genuineness is not a word I would use often to describe them. It is accurate that she has only been licensed in WA for a short while, but she is diligent in finding answers, with a wide network of peers and resources. Trust Dawn to talk to you, point out the strengths and weaknesses of your case, and be consistent and honest in your communications. I have no hesitation giving Dawn my strong recommendation.


Dawn helped me safely end a toxic marriage

Dawn helped me through one of the most challenging experiences in my life. She helped me safely end a toxic marriage and acted as a voice for me in the legal system for both me and my children. I cannot thank her enough for the newfound freedom that my sons and I now have everyday.

K. Nelson

Above and beyond

Ms. Sydney handled my divorce case exceptionally well. My young son and I left an unsafe environment and Ms. Sydney worked with me to ensure I was doing everything I needed to to be safe and also protect myself legally. I have actually never met Ms. Sydney as I relocated to another state within days of retaining her. We have done my complete divorce through emails and phone and I would not want anyone else fighting for my rights and my son’s rights. Ms. Sydney cares for her clients in a way I have not seen many attorneys care. (I work in the accounting department of a law firm and work with attorneys everyday). Ms. Sydney always took the time to explain the next process and let me know my options at each step. There were numerous times where she went above and beyond and listened to what I wanted even when I wasn’t sure what was best. She always had my well being and my son’s well being in mind. Ms. Sydney never pushed me with a decision but would explain how the decision would affect my life going forward. She never over promised and always told me divorce is a marathon. There were many times I was exhausted in the process and we would just focus on the next step. Ms. Sydney gave me sound advice and helped me to fight for sole decision making and sole custody of my son. I would recommend Dawn Sydney to anyone. Divorce is one of the hardest things to go through but having someone by your side makes it much easier. Ms. Sydney is someone I would want in the ring with me!.